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All charges billing and payment in EUR by checkless transfer or money order. Dispatch charges go at the expense of the orderer.



dispatch charges 12 % of the bill sum to a max of 7,50 EUR (Plus postal fees)


Dispatch charges 15% of the bill sum to a min of 3,45 EUR and a max of 10 EUR

Overseas and rest of the World

Shipping by land/sea 15% of the bill sum + 3 EUR to a max of max 75 EUR AIRMAIL 30% of total bill max 100 EUR.

Money order of the whole sum of the bill is to be transferred and made payable to H.- W. Sievers publisher.

Checkless transfer to the following account:

IBAN: DE61 2219 1405 0041 1621 61



If "payment on for hand", delivery happens when payment is received. Until final payment all plans are property of H.-W. Sievers Verlag Glückstadt.

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