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About us
Ordering terms
Technical steps, which lead to a contract agreement:
1. Search for your item
Search and select an item through the navigator on the left side.

The rules are very simple (works just like google):
  • By entering two or more search keys typed in quotation marks, the system will find all items in which these search keys exactly occur. These words are internally handled as a search key.
  • A search key will find all items and articles with this word.
  • Two search keys (without quotation marks) will find all items in those one of the terms occurs.
  • By entering a minus (-) in front of the word, all items will be found, in which this term does “not” occurs. e.g. ‘ "James Bond" –Moore’. This entry will find all items with ‘James Bond’, but without ‘Moore’.
  • The search may be limited to a specific article category.
  • All variations may be combined.
The system will always search through the title and the description.

2. Article selection – transfer to the basket
Within the item list you may enter the desired amount of units. By clicking onto the hear shown button,

the selected amount or unit will be transferred to the basket.

3. Shopping basket
By transferring the items to a shopping basket, the amount of items in the basket will appear in the left field as well as a temporarily computed amount without dispatch charges

By clicking this button, your market basket opens itself at that you before the exporting of the actual order changes can carry out.

4. Changing data in the shopping basket
You have the following options:
To remove an item from the basket.
Removing all items from the market basket. Rejecting "order".
Changing amount of items. A previous input in the field "units/amount" is of course necessarily.
Closing of the basket and proceed to the ordering procedure

5. Ordering procedure –Customer/Orderer information
If you already are a client, you may enter the saved e-mail address with password and the address will be automated from the last order. You may than still change the data, otherwise the relevant information about the customer/orderer must entered in the form.

In both cases you may than confirm the correctness of the entered information by clicking “Proceed to overview”. In the same way the general business conditions must have been recognized previously through the click in the control box. These can there be viewed previously.

By clicking the “back” button within your browser you will get back to the shopping basket or click on “Shopping basket” (see point 3 of this guide).

6. Placing the order – Receipt page
On this page you will find all information (items) in the basket as well as customer/orderer. You may reject your order by clicking on "shopping basket" (see point 3 of this instruction) and “Remove all items from the shopping basket. Reject order. " (see point 4t of this instruction).

By clicking the following button

you finally order and obligate to our shop-system.

7. Mail information
After completing step 6 you will receive a visual confirmation of your order and an acknowledgement of receipt of you order by e-mail. An order becomes obligatory for us when we confirm it in writing. Both acknowledgement of receipt and confirmation of order will restate the content of contract.

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