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Ordering terms
Ordering terms
General business conditions liability exclusion:
We are exclusively responsible only for our weaving page. For contents on our page of contained links we do not take over any guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the there provided information. This is valid for the contents of all external pages. A liability opposite users of the weaving page is impossible.

The contract under inclusion this AGB between the customer and the H.-W. Sievers publisher is accomplished through a telephonische, hard-copy and/or within the Internetshops through a form basing or shapeless order. With every possible commanding-form the customer explains itself agreed that no confirmation of order has to occur.

The delivery occurs about the German limited company mail onto the designated one Haus- and/or. company address. Programmes at post office boxes and postlagernd are not carried out. For further information concerning money transfers and dispatch charges are the at this time valid supply conditions on this weaving page consider.

Return right:
If you do not like an item, it is the product possibly within 14 days according to receipt of the programme without to indicate to give back from grounds. We provide that the product is unused, undamaged and packed originally. You receive a credit from us about the goods value. The product must be packed on the most favorable way surely and be returned onto our postal address sufficiently stampedly. To take over and German sender from more than 40 with a goods value we the postage. The product must not become in a postage-free way gesendet. We reserve to divert the costs from the credit for self-conscious programmes.

A wrong or damaged item should be supplied in spite of all caution, call us or send us an e-Mail. We will make an effort to find a rapid and simple way in order to create substitute.

Data protection:
We only store all customer data that are made to us available for the handling of the business traffic for the handling of your order, for the care of the customer service and for the offer preparation. A transmitting to third parties is impossible.

Neither the contents filed on the weaving page must not be used without previous approval of the publisher, copied or distributed, in other manner yet or may be duplicated. This is valid also for the model structural drawings marketed by us. Every copy or publication or other commercial use, also in sections, is forbidden and needs the approval of the publisher. With violations we reserve a legal pursuit.

General one:
We reserve errors, price & production changes and no availability of items. All price quotations are additional in Euro the at this time valid Mwst., the dispatch outside of EU countries occurred without Mwst.. All graphic representations are investigated thoroughly and correspond to the available information. The supplied product remains estate of the publisher until the invoice amount is harmonious. Luck city is place of performance and venue.

One or several definitions should be this AGB or become, so the in each case legal-valid arrangements step onto their place. The remaining definitions remain unchanged through that.

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