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B 98
B 98
1914 German Imperial Navy ordered 6 torpedoboats by Blohm & Voss named B 97, 98, 109, 110, 111 und 112. These boats are as big as destroyers. B 98 has been launched 2.1.1915 commissioned 24.3.1915. In summer 1916 8,8 cm guns have been replaced by 10,5 cm guns. B 98 fighted by the battle of with the II. T-Bootflottille. Later this boat served at Belgian coast and at operation in gulf of Riga. Due to a mine hit vessel last the fore part of the hull.After repair this boat served again with II. T-Bootflottille. war das Boot wieder in der II. Flottille im Dienst. At end of the war B 98 served as a post boat between internated fleet at Scapa Flow and home ports. 21.6.1919 beached and break in two parts.

Main ParticularsOriginalModel scale 1:100

Length over all:98,55 m98,55 cm
Breadth moulded:9,20 m9,20 cm
Draught max.:2,97 m2,97 cm
Speed:36.5 kn0,188 m/s
For same shape of waves speed has to be 0,936 m/s.

Set of plan contains 2 sheets showing frames, sideview, deckviews, sternview, stemview, transverse section and details. Drawings are according to a modell of this vessel.

Category: Warships till 1918
Product number: 2004

€ 40,40
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