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In area of river Ems a type of ship for more than hundred years until to the thirty years. This type has been used only in this area. Mainly this vessel has been built in Haren/Ems and was known as Harener PŁnte. This name. In Dutch area this type was named Eems Punt an means that these vessels have a flat bottom.

Main ParticularsOriginalModel scale 1:50

Length over all:28,50 m57,00 cm
Breadth moulded:5,60 m11,20 cm
Draught max.:0,40 m0,80 cm
This set of plans contains 2 pages and shows sideview, longitudinal section of hull and stem- and sternview. Also topview and details of rigging. This plan is a reconstruction.

Category: Sailing Ships
Product number: 6013

€ 17,90
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