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Submarines of Type II C U 56 to U 63 have been built all by Deutschen Werken in Kiel. Length of Type II A has been lengthened about 3,00 m. U 61 is a little bit different U 61 has been built with substructure nearly Type II D. U 56 sunk during air attack in Kiel. U 57 sunk after kolision with the Norwegian freighter RONA near Brunsb?ttel. Submarine has been salvaged and get back in service. Together with U 58 this boat were sunk itself. U 59 have been decomissioned April 1945. 2. 5.1945 U 60 ? 62 were sunk itself in Wilhelmshaven. U 63 sunk 25.2.1940 south of Shetland Islands due to hit of waterbombs and torpedo.
Main ParticularsOriginalModel scale 1:50

Length over all:43,90 m87,80 cm
Breadth moulded:4,00 m8,00 cm
Draught max.:3,82 m7,64 cm
Displacement:291 t2,328 kg
Speed:12 kn0,072 m/s
Displacement under water341 t2,728 kg
For the same shape ofwaves speed has to be 0,873 m/s.

1 sheet is showing Side- and topview, lines, and sections. For U 61 substructure is shom. For this plan original drawings of Kriegsmarineamt have been available.

Category: Warships 1919-45
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