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Kersten Miles
Kersten Miles
1926 the pilot steamer has been built by Union Gießerei, Lokomotivfabrik und Schiffswerft in Königsberg. 35 years served KERSTEN MILES in the mouth of river Elbe for pilot service.
Main ParticularsOriginalModel scale 1:100

Length over all:50,25 m50,25 cm
Breadth moulded:8,98 m8.98 cm
Draught max.:3,85 m3,85 cm
Displacement:908,8 t0,91 kg
Speed:11,5 kn0,059 m/s
For same shape of waves speed has to be 0,591 m/s.

Set of plan contains Lines Plan, Side- and Decks View. Base of this plan is a publication mentioned in a ship-building magazine.

Category: Administration Vessels
Product number: 1011

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